Make money



why unusual?Make $$$ BEFORE selling your property, sounds like a bold statement, right?

We pay up to $2,000 dollars for your listing.

The secret is our nimble infrastructure.

The broker does not use any realtors, he thinks that in this day and age systems are far more effective, and if the systems are better and free the more savings he can pass on to customers.

While almost all agents use either Windows or Mac for their everyday work, and have no idea about managing servers or hosting websites, we are different.

We use Linux, the dominant OS in the server market, and we use it in our back office as well.

Introducing Tux, the Linux mascot.

By using a free, open-source system. which is also safer than its corporate imitators, we are able to save on significant expenses, and shift resources for the benefit of our customers.

 The broker outsources his office, he rents space in a firm that specializes in office space for brokers, secretarial services are done by the office for all its members,This is a walkthrough of the office. Youcan also check their own website officewithoutoverhead

For Sellers

Saving $$$

Since broker does not have to share commissions, he can lower the commission he receives from customers, not the commission he has to pay to the other party in the transaction. That would be counterproductive for his customers, because who would want to work for less when there are others who offer more?

But this is one of the parts of the equation, the other one is to maximize profits.

Maximizing profits

  1. The broker does not deal with those who look for a bargain or wrangle too much, in short, the low-ballers.
  2. We use a service called List Hub, that broadcasts listings to hundreds of websites, including the top ones like ZIllow, and even behind the Great Chinese Wall. Whatever we can ship to great third-party services, this is the way to go, to keep our infrastructure lean and mean. 
  3. But this is not all, we create a website for each one of our listings, complete with professional valuation and aerial photography. We also create virtual tours, and publish a video walkthrough because videos come up higher in search engine (Google owns you tube). see our example here.

So there you have it, by taking the smart decision of listing with this broker you will be making $$$ before selling your property.


For buyers


We send automated searches to their emails with proprties that meet their instructions

We help find affordable credit lines.


  1. A to Z Capital - Contact Ron Schmitz        

9825 Marina Blvd., #100
Boca Raton: FL 33428
Cell: (561) 901-4414
Office: (561) 609-6699
Fax: (561) 395-5682

2. Patch of Land

A new high-tech form of lending, give it a shot.

3.Tropical Financial Credit Union

Your local supportive and convenient lender.

See Products here



We only work with one insurance agency whom we have known for years and could verify honesty and reliability of information provided.

Deerfield Insurance and Financial - Contact Leo Perez Sierra or Alex (mention broker Carlos Kosloff for preferential treatment)

2061 NW Boca raton Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA

(877)419-9744 (Toll-free)
(561) 300-3963 (local)
(954) 834-5840 (direct line)
(954) 4199-9745 (fax)



For investors

With our automated searches we help find the adequate property to create a safe haven for your assets and at the same time provide passive income.

When we say passive income we mean it;

  1. We find the property and help buying it at tax auctions if necessary.
  2. We find the tenants.
  3. We investigate tenants for reliability, previous evictions, felony convictions,etc.
  4. We draft the lease agreement.
  5. We collect rent at our office.

Foreign investors

  1. We help by navigating the complexity of buying real estate in USA and creating a path to citizenship.
  2. Languages: Spanish, French, Italian.
  3. We provide free in-depth risk analysis to all serious investors, local and foreign alike.
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