Why work with a buyers agent


The answer to this question is simple: it is in your own interest.
We have heard, time and time again, of buyers attempting to contact the listing agent because of the misguided perception that they might get a better deal from him.
Let's get the facts straight:

In the state of Florida, if no other brokerage relationship is specified, brokers work as transaction brokers, meaning that their main objective is to facilitate the transaction, this role is the default and it is implied, there is no need for a notice to be given to the parties.
Transaction brokers are supposed to be neutral.
However, the listing agent, since he has been hired by the seller, will have a bias, even if unconscious, for the seller, and try to sell the property he is listing to the buyer, because he gets both ends of the commission.
A buyer agent does not care that much about selling a particular property, he gets his share anyway, so probably will advice the buyer more impartially, and show other properties that might suit better the buyer's needs.


Why bother attempting to bypass your realtor?
Work with him.