First step: qualification


There is a very important reason for asking for a pre-qualification letter from a lender before we show property.
It is the financing contingency, which is in section 8 of the Florida Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase.
Most of the time this provision is checked and set active.
The provision is meant to protect the buyer in case he cannot get a loan for the purchase.
If he shows good will and otherwise abides by the terms of the contract he will be able to cancel and walk away with his deposit money.

This is fine for the buyer, but what about the seller?
Buyer can cancel up to 7 days before closing date, this can easily be 2 months or more.
In which case, the seller would have taken his property off the market and would have to put it back, with nothing in return for the loss.
Moreover, his property will become "stale", a property that has been for sale for too long is deemed to be undesirable.

This is why savvy sellers will not consider an offer if it is not backed by some proof of the financial standing of the buyer.
This could be a pre-qualification letter from a lending institution, or if the buyer intends to buy cash, then a bank statement will be needed.

Here you will find a list of banking representatives who can help with a pre-qualification letter.
Our customer is of course free to choose the lender, we will gladly work with lenders who are not mentioned in the list.