The demo site was conceived as a means of illustrating our unique feature: a listing shown in full detail on a top-level domain.
The demo is of course not a listing, it is an investment property that we own and rented out.
Please bear in mind that pictures were taken some years ago, when we were not planning on publishing a demo site.
Of course, pictures for present day listings would be much more accurate, but you get the idea.
Condos would have condo docs in downloadable and printable pdf format, as you can see in the CMA section of the demo.
Multifamily properties would have a financial analysis included, apart from the CMA.

In short, there are different kinds of listings: but they all would share things in common.
Namely: top-level domain, downloadable pdfs, CMA, slideshows.
We are now working on improving listings further with the use of 360o videos.
In our opinion the most important thing is the top-level domain which allows for advanced search engine optimization, which is the cornerstone of internet marketing.

For a more in-depth discussion of our CMA please visit our sibling site