About attorneys


We really don't like attorneys, although we do work with a couple whom we know to be knowledgeable and honest.
We want to draw your attention to attorneys who peddle their services by warning against brokers, with statements similar to these:

  1. Beware, brokers are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice (nobody contests that fact).
  2. Brokers work for their own revenue interests (as if attorneys didn't).
  3. Check with an attorney before you sign anything (although not detrimental, this is a waste of money for the reasons explained below).

Let's set some facts straight:

Brokers are bound by a very strict code of ethics, and by several laws.
Brokers can be subjected to proceedings by the Florida Real Estate Commission, and punished with suspensions, fines, refered to prosecution, or have their license revoked.
It is easy to submit a complaint online against a broker.
But the most important thing to stress is this one: brokers do not write contracts, brokers fill in the blanks on contracts written by the legal department of Florida Realtors and approved by the Florida Bar, Florida realtors hold a very strict copyright on these contracts.
Moreover, brokers have access to a legal hotline at Florida Realtors included in the fees they pay, any legal doubt can be fielded by attorneys working for the board, without any cash outlay from the seller.

In light of the above, why waste your money hiring an attorney?
Hire a broker, and get legal advice from the realtor board.