The 1% commission myth



The only thing that we ask from a seller is that he sign an exclusive contract to sell with us at a 6% commission rate (that is the present average), and for at least six months.
We might ask for an additional month to set up the website, do the syndication, put the signs in place, etc.

There might be agents who will offer to list for less, but, will your property sell?
Bear in mind the following: most transactions are concluded between two realtors, one hired by the buyer and the other one by the seller, each getting 3% of the selling price.
Do you think the buyer's realtor will recommend a similar property that pays less?

Moreover, we are listing at risk, if the property does not sell we lose our advertisement investment, remember that we do much more than a publication in the MLS.

For all of the above, we cannot accept less than the market average.