About Us



asflorida.com is a website owned by Advanced Systems Realty LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company.
The brokerage was founded by Carlos Kosloff and is at present a family company with big projects and dreams.
Carlos lived in Europe for a long span of his life, is used to international transactions and speaks several languages fluently.
He is helped in his endeavors by children Leonardo and Natasha Kosloff.
Leonardo is a Ph. D. in Mathematics and a professor at the University of California, he will provide the intricate math for risk analysis.
Natasha is a professional digital artist, who will provide the stunning graphics that will populate this site.
Haekyung Kosloff (neé Yang) will provide her expertise in Korean language for the Korean translation of this site.
Realtors to be determined will provide personal contact and property showings, once all the preliminaries are checked in-house.

If you want to see a more detailed resume of the broker, you can view and download the .pdf Resume

Verify our license number CQ1040452 here